Hi, I’m Liz and that I’m today a rebound woman.

Meaning, I Really Like him. Plenty. The guy likes myself plenty. But the guy just adopted of a commitment, a three-year, messy, disastrous connection that simply concluded, virtually. I have found myself continuously becoming there for him, lifting him up, producing him have a good laugh and smile and investing.  But it’s not at all times reciprocated. I informed my self i mightn’t drop,  We never intended to…the first number of times we hung out I wanted to stab my personal eyes aside with a fork because all the guy performed had been mention this lady, making the rounds around in circles and really, at this point-what could you say?

I needed to express, “She was a terrible bitch and you are better off”, but throwing him when he’s down actually my style. I needed are their pal, that is certainly it. We background, we are there each other.

Now I believe like I’m straight-out with the Taylor Swift song, “You Belong beside me” and that I never ever thought I would be here. Friends tell me to not communicate with him, hang out with him, be here for him, but i can not stop. Part must be masochistic, however the other part-I truly care about he. Basically’m being totally sincere, I would like to tell him that In my opinion he installed the moonlight. He’s wonderful. That I see all of us together pleased, hence I would never treat him how she performed.

I do not wish to be made use of though-I don’t want him knowing he’s going to get what he needs from me (perhaps not physically), but mentally, psychologically, etc…heal, and then proceed to somebody else.  I must take the reins in a tiny bit. I want him to heal by himself for him to see situations clearly-to see me plainly.

Until then, I’m Liz. And I’m switching my brain. I am not a rebound lady.

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